Standard ISO 29990

Management Systems in Education and Training

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ISO 29990

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Provided by: LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s.

To ensure the appropriate quality and development of education in educational institutions across the world, it was necessary to set specific requirements. These are covered by the internationally recognized standard ISO 29990.

International standard ISO 29990:2010 defines procedures to maintain and increase quality of education in educational facilities. The certification will confirm quality of education in your organization.

Standard ISO 29990:2010 is recommended to providers of education and training services, organizers of workshops, universities and high schools or institutions providing life-long learning. ISO 29990 is also often applied by academic institutions, language schools, driving schools and other training organizations.

Requirements of ISO 29990

  • Implementation of relevant processes to enhance quality
  • Enhanced effectiveness of education in your organization
  • Regular control of adopted measures

Benefits of the Certification 

  • Improved competitiveness of educational institution
  • You will get an internationally recognized certificate
  • Enhanced effectiveness of learning management system
  • Improved reputation of educational institution
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